Our values

Here at Intrepid Minds we started out by looking at what we wanted to deliver, and how we were going to do this. Which ever way we looked at it, it always came back to delivering by building our business based on our own values. These after all are what drive all of our beliefs, intentions and behaviour.


Integrity is not just about us saying “we have integrity”, but for all of our customers, speakers, colleagues and peers to see this in everything that we do, the programs we put together and with the honest, truthful and open communication we have.


To ensure we meet the challenges we face, we constantly look at how we can approach things differently. We don’t see challenges as negative, but as ways we can learn and grow. With an ever changing world, we recognise the need to evolve, change, progress and develop, and only by doing so can we learn.


Our aim is to provide excellence in all areas of our business, from the dealing we have with you, our customer, to the content in the programs we put out. We believe only by providing this, will we keep you coming back to Intrepid Minds for more.


Paramount to everything we do at Intrepid Minds, is for us to enjoy what we do on a daily basis. When people enjoy what they do, they approach their work with passion, they are engaged, and this ultimately creates something we can be proud of.


We endeavour to produce events that will be sustainable and further develop expertise in your industry. We want to provide on-going forums for you to meet with your peers and network, and ultimately provide you with learnings to take away that can bring about long term changes within your industry.


We strive and will continually work towards engagement of all participants at our events. Our aim is to set ourselves apart from our industry peers by engaging with the communities we serve, so we can actively give back.

We also recognise the importance of having engaged staff who feel confident to contribute to our goals, and love the sense of achievement they feel when they have  achieved what they have set out to.