Workshop A: Simplifying risk management approaches to reboot your risk culture

Workshop A: Simplifying risk management approaches to reboot your risk culture

0900 – 1200 Tuesday 27 March 2018

Risk management is often complex and difficult to understand for employees across an organisation. Often, this leads to a situation where risk management is only understood in terms of compliance or as a something only risk managers have to deal with leading to inefficient risk processes and incorrect or incomplete implementation of risk strategies. Simplifying and demystifying risks will help reduce the burden on employees and increase awareness of risks across your organisation to ensure that it is taken seriously at all levels of your organisation. This approach is a central feature of the UK government’s approach to risk management going forward.

This workshop will deliver you practical skills to simplify the way you manage risk in your organisation. Delegates will learn to:

  • Re-evaluate the way you manage risk
  • Effectively communicate risk across your organisation
  • Engage key stakeholders in the management of risk
  • Transform your risk culture

Trevor will work through real life risk challenges with workshop participants who will be invited to bring some of the difficult obstacles they face within in their organisations for discussion. The workshop will be held under Chatham House rules to ensure you can delve into examples in a candid but confidential manner.

About your workshop leader:

Trevor Marchant chairs the cross-government Risk Improvement Group which provides a networking group and best-practice risk forum for all UK government departments and agencies. Marchant specialises in building risk management culture in central government departments and on simplifying risk management approaches to ‘re-boot’ risk management in organisations where they have overcomplicated their processes.  He has spoken on this issue at many different conferences and seminars in the UK and internationally.

Trevor Marchant has an MBA in project risk management and was formerly the Risk Advisor to the Home Office Board and is now the departmental risk lead at the Department for Transport.