Workshop B: Developing a person-centric plan for a return to work

Post conference workshop B | Friday 25 May 2018

Developing a person-centric plan for a return to work and ensuring that communication supports the recovery of an individual

It is often a challenge for workers to return to the workplace following a psychological injury and with so many variables at play, it is crucial that a person-centric plan for returning to work is implemented to ensure its success. Whilst psychologists and return to work specialists often create excellent plans to facilitate this, managers can often not consider the importance of a person-centric plan hampering the success of the return to work.

It is clear that employers need to implement a return to work plan in consideration of an employee’s psychological condition and understand the elements of person-centric plan to support wellbeing and a more effective recovery.

This workshop will address the key challenges faced by managers in this area:

  • Understanding the fundamentals of delivering person-centric communication in a Return to Work setting
  • Applying empirical approaches across the organisation to “guide” communication and facilitate behaviour change
  • Challenging your own communication style and understanding common “traps”
  • Engaging with empathy and supporting a worker “own their change journey”

About your workshop leader:

Alicia Papas, Senior Consultant, AP Psychology Consulting

Alicia is a Clinical Psychologist and subject matter expert in psychology and workplace mental health and wellbeing, having led projects and undertaken academic research in this field. In particular, Alicia has a strong knowledge of the Police and Emergency Services sector. Alicia has attended conferences to present research findings and authored many publications.  

Alicia is focused on using evidence-based practice to promote and/or improve the mental health and wellbeing of individuals, as well as maximising organisational effectiveness. Alicia works with all levels of employees, from ground staff to executive level, in the delivery of a range of products and services.