Workshop B: Building effective interpersonal skills for working with Diverse Personalities and Thinking Styles

Workshop B: Building effective interpersonal skills for working with Diverse Personalities and Thinking Styles

1300-1600 Friday 3rd August 2018

The most common issues that people report experiencing in the workplace are not those related to their actual job tasks. In fact, the highest number of issues reported actually relates to interpersonal issues that arise when working with other people! The quality of our relationships at work strongly correlates to our job satisfaction and overall wellbeing. That said, the opposite is also true. When we experience stressful interpersonal relationships at work, the impacts can be deep and long lasting, affecting our health, confidence and state of mind. Cultivating the skills to work with diverse personalities in emotionally intelligent ways is crucial for personal and career success. This workshop expands on the models presented by Abby in her presentation and provides a practical exploration of skills suitable for a wide range of personal and workplace situations.

  • Understand your own thinking typology
  • Recognise and adapt to others’ thinking styles to enhance communication
  • Identify the behavioural ramifications of microaggressions, perceptions and unconscious bias in the workplace, including those related to gender, appearance, age, hierarchy and perceived status
  • Explore effective strategies to respond to microagressions and people with diverse personalities
  • Identify the personal blockers we can experience when faced potential confrontation

  Abby Rees, Executive Coach and Director, PUNK PD

 Abby Rees a self-confessed ‘education junkie’; University Lecturer; Education and Empowerment Writer; Behaviour, Change and Emotional Intelligence Specialist; Executive Meta-Coach; and artistic thinker. Abby’s motto is ‘energy, excellence and tenacity’ and she embodies those traits in all that she does.

With approaching twenty years in the behaviour change industry, Abby has extensive experience across a range of industry groups, community organisations and government sectors, including Local, State and Federal. Abby’s field of expertise includes creating dynamic designs for education and change, emotional intelligence, effective communications , relationship management, conscious leadership and critical reasoning and strategic thinking.