Virtual Public Sector Executive Assistant Congress

We know that EAs in the public sector from across the country are keen to address the key issues highlighted by EAs in the public sector including

  • Discovering what Senior Executive want and expect from their assistants
  • Supporting your executives during challenging times as a strategic business partner

    Exploring the opportunities of being a virtual assistant

    Realising your full potential to unleash the power of women

    Using technology to build a paperless work environment with OneNote and Teams

    Applying project management skills at work

    Building resilience and raising mental health awareness

Click here to get the full conference agenda

As we are aware that some of you may not be able to Canberra in October we are, for the first time, making this event accessible online via Zoom. Through this medium you will still be able to get involved using the Q&A function as well as join the busy online chat function. Users who are unable to use Zoom are able to watch the congress through a Youtube link but will not be able to access the Q&A and chat functions. 

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Please feel free to contact  for any further information.