Risk Management in Government Congress Agenda

7th annual Risk Management in Government Congress

Melbourne and Online, 26-27 October 2022



Conference day one – Wednesday 26 October  2022

08.30 Registration
09.00 Opening remarks from the chair

Reporting in focus: Enhancing vigilance through innovations

  • Identifying the new technologies and techniques available within risk reporting
  • Mapping your organisational needs across to the best-in-class processes
  • Implementing new techniques and rolling out training
  • Embracing the range of new insights and decision-making improvements

Alex Dunn, Head of Risk, Office for National Statistics (UK)


Technology case studies: Remote access, cloud storage and emerging risks

  • Understanding NASA’s Risk Management approach incorporates emerging risks with technology.
  • Identifying processes, tools and system deployed
  • Reflecting on lessons learned from developing new programs
  • Sharing case studies of significant NASA risks

Dr. Jeevan Perera, Senior Engineer, NASA

10.40 Morning Tea

Pandemic Case Study: The cultural impact of risk uncertainty

  • Identifying the risks posed to the community from the pandemic
  • Analysing how to communicate this with key risk stakeholders
  • Collating anecdotes and data on the program
  • Reflecting on the areas of success and development

Speaker / representative, Services Australia

11.50 Executive buy-in: How to win allies and influence people
  • Researching your case to enlist management support for key changes
  • Framing the changes so they are embraced rather than ignored
  • Simplifying concepts, removing jargon and making ideas relevant
  • Ensuring communication is tailored, engaging and influential

Dannya Hu, Chief Risk Officer, Defence Housing Australia


Risk leadership: Modelling a refreshed risk appetite across an organisation

  • Influencing the mindset of colleagues
  • Encouraging peers with education and clear messaging
  • Assimilating the concerns of staff and keeping them engaged in a collaborative process
  • Shifting the perception of risk away from being an inhibitor

Peter Pierre, Chief Audit and Risk Officer, Victorian Department of Health

13.00 Lunch

Risk maturity: Calibrating the trade-off between stability and inertia

  • Analysing the history of risk management in an organisation
  • Selecting the essential areas for change
  • Considering the value of autonomy

Stuart Marshall, Risk and Business Continuity Coordinator, Camden Council


Agile risk culture: Implementing an adaptive process

  • Holistic identification of the frameworks and matrices
  • Building changes to risk culture that are robust, clear and evidence based
  • Aligning risk agility into the goals of senior leaders
  • Embedding the changes and evaluating their impact over time

Lynsey Maher, Principal Advisor – Risk & Audit, City of Hobart


Afternoon Tea


The psychology of risk: Applying it in practice

  • Using data analytics to diagnose red flags and identify emerging risk factors
  • Collecting data to make better decisions on specific risks
  • Applying data analytics in risk reporting
  • Exploring opportunities in machine learning 

Anthony Browne, Manager Risk and Resilience, Melbourne Water


Data Science: Machine learning and compliance as a risk enabler

  • Adopting the latest insights into data science within risk management
  • Identifying the scope for data science in your organisation
  • Analysing how to rollout new data science resources
  • Using the data to better capture the risks taken

Harry Lu, Data Analytics Manager, Spotify (USA) (live via zoom)

 17.00 End of conference day one and networking drinks

Conference day two – Thursday 27 October 2022

9.00 Opening remarks from the chair

Risk and line managers: Achieving collective adherence

  • Selecting the key motivators of each line manager
  • Incentivising interest with clear examples of the benefits
  • Simplifying and adapting processes to meet each unique structure
  • Engaging to make communication clear, concise, and impactful

Pete Dalton, formerly Head of Protection – Chief Inspector, Thames Valley Police (UK)


Risk indicators: Insightful vigilance through prioritisation

  • Filtering through the myriad of emerging and existing risks to isolate the essential information
  • Selecting the risks that have the most influence on your operation
  • Embedding knowledge of the risks that will be tolerated, encouraged and combatted and why
  • Revisiting the framing and assumptions to remain relevant over time

Catherine de Fontenay, Commissioner, Productivity Commission

10.40 Morning Tea

Cybersecurity: The impact of online delivery

  • Capturing the ongoing change within the digital environment
  • Mitigating and monitoring your operations’ vulnerability to attacks
  • Building resilience and accountability to respond appropriately when a breach occurs
  • Recalibrating approaches as the threat evolves with fresh technologies and techniques

Representative, Australian Signals Directorate


Risk in remote work: A robust risk culture in a fragmented workplace

  • Identifying the emerging risks posed by a flexible workplace environment
  • Mitigating the mental health risks through proactive steps to reduce isolation
  • Embracing the opportunities for staff to build more balanced lives
  • Reviewing the changes made and building best practice

Tim Gove, Chief Risk Officer, Worksafe Victoria


Strategic risk within business planning: Risk at the forefront

  • Identifying the spectrum of risk for your organisation
  • Building risk mitigation strategies for each area
  • Embedding risk mitigation within the business planning process
  • Reviewing the process to engage in continuous improvement

Jamie Blanchard, Manager, Governance, City of Stirling

13.00 Lunch
14.00 Risk Assurance: Applications for a project-based organisation
  • Understanding the challenges posed with gaps in risk appetite and real risk
  • Analysing the techniques to audit these gaps
  • Embedding a risk assurance method across the organisation
  • Reviewing the tactics deployed and the outcomes achieved

Kumar Srinivasan, Head of Risk, Sydney Metro

14.40 Audit and risk function: A collaborative approach
  • Identification of the holistic aims of your organisation and the role of the internal audit function.
  • Establishing the processes that best allow audit to support the risk management function
  • Embedding clear rules around collaboration and demarcation
  • Cascading the governance framework throughout your organisation

Bronwyn Davies, Chief Auditor, Airservices Australia

15.20 Afternoon tea

Business continuity: Getting back to normal

  • Identifying the spectrum of risks present in the modern world
  • Analysing the best-in-class approaches to achieving business continuity
  • Guiding your organisation to build fresh models that integrate risk management and business continuity planning
  • Implementing innovative processes to futureproof your organisation

Maria Ross, Manager Risk & Compliance, SA Department of Treasury & Finance

16.20 Resilience amidst change: Inspiring flexibility under a developing threat
  • Defining resilience and considering its influence
  • Selecting the resilience strategies most relevant for your teams
  • Understanding resilience implementation from a range of case studies
  • Isolating the skills required for resilient behaviour

Catriona MacLachlan, Senior Advisor, Tasmanian Health System


Closing remarks and conference end