Public Sector Executive Assistant Congress draft agenda

4th Annual Public Sector Executive Assistant Congress

24-25 July, 2019 Canberra


  1. Taking control of workload and prioritise your time
    • Explore strategies to deal with continuously large workload
    • Prepare yourself to be flexible and adaptable for urgent priorities
    • Managing distractions to help achieving your goal of the day
    • Discover effective time management tips and tools


  1. The art of negotiating towards a win-win solution
    • Examining practical approaches to settle differences
    • Applying effective negotiation techniques with confidence
    • Reaching mutually beneficial results more efficiently
    • Influencing others without being aggressive


  1. Managing change in the workplace and thrive
    • Understanding change and maintaining a positive attitude
    • Building resilience towards change
    • Supporting your team and executive during constant changing situations
    • Discovering hidden opportunities that change brings


  1. Making the best use of technology to boost your performance
    • Explore new ways to make your everyday tasks easier
    • Incorporating the latest technology and tools in the workplace
    • Continuously learning and keeping up with technology
    • Utilising tools to organise and communicate better


  1. Utilising One Note as your powerful tool to be more efficient
    • Practical tips and tricks to help you be more productive
    • Managing large volume of information with simple ways
    • Making good use of different functions
    • Discovering ways to take your notes and lists to the next level


  1. Finding ways to stop juggling and start balancing your life
    • Discovering ways to keep calm in high-pressure situations
    • Be equipped with practical strategies to conquer unhelpful stress
    • Managing and using stress as an opportunity to grow
    • Channelling your mindset to focus more on the wellbeing of mind


  1. Enhancing organic communication with strategies and tips
    • Cultivating effective communication skills
    • Taking steps to empower yourself and communicate with confidence
    • Handling difficult conversations without misunderstanding
    • Reading the room and understanding non-verbal signals


  1. Dealing and working with different personalities
    • Understanding and working with different personalities
    • Respecting individuals with different working styles
    • Building interpersonal skills and learn to respond to difficult situations


  1. Executives Panel: Exclusive insights and advice from executives
    • Discovering the qualities that executives find in outstanding EAs
    • Building a positive partnership with executives
    • Setting, managing, and exceeding expectations
    • Giving and receiving feedback from both directions


  1. Strategically planning events and meetings
    • Exploring different management approaches for different events
    • Coordinating events and meetings efficiently
    • Handling short timeframes and achieving objectives
    • Tips on managing budget and keeping track of progresses


  1. Building a positive social media presence for you and your organisation
    • Understanding how social media could impact and represent workplace
    • Using social media to build your personal brand
    • Taking advantage of social media to extend your professional network
    • Promoting and keeping track of your achievements


  1. Positioning yourself for managing up
    • Bridging the power gap with effective approaches
    • Strategies and methods to help managing your executive
    • Knowing different ways to raise and discuss problems
    • Learning to disagree in a productive way


  1. Establishing a collaborative relationship with your colleagues
    • Working alongside fellow EAs as a team
    • Supporting one another to grow better together
    • Constructing a strong EA community at workplace


  1. EA & Executive session: Elements that makes a high-performance partnership
    • Building the foundation of trust to form a solid partnership
    • Tips on finding a better way to work together
    • Aligning priorities and setting boundaries with your executive
    • Being supportive and achieving mutual goals


  1. Making sound decisions independently and strategically
    • Taking up the responsibility to make the call
    • Processing information to make better decisions at work
    • Having the confidence in your own abilities to be the voice
    • Understanding what drives your executives in decision making