Psychological Injury Management in the Workplace Congress

5th Psychological Injury Management in the Workplace Congress

Managing psychological injuries through a strong focus on the individual

23-24 May 2018, Royce Hotel, Melbourne

As increasing numbers of costly psychological injuries are reported in the workplace, organisations are rethinking their Workplace Health and Safety and Injury Management programs to account for psychological injuries. With an emphasis on skilling up leaders, normalising mental health and the importance of collaborating with employees as they return to work, this conference will explore advanced practical strategies in response to the growing trend of workplace claims lodged for psychological injuries. 

In its fifth year, the Psychological Injury Management in the Workplace congress will continue to provide key workplace strategies that maintain psychological health at both individual and organisational levels. Delegates will hear from senior level experts from industries with a high rate of psychological injuries that will share their experiences and effective practices including:

  • Giving managers the skills to understand and respond to psychological injuries
  • Improving organisational culture to support wellbeing
  • Getting organisational buy in for wellbeing programs
  • Encouraging help seeking behaviour from employees
  • Developing partnerships with psychologists and and rehab providers to facilitate return to work
  • Understanding key psychological diagnoses
  • Developing a person-centric care plan
  • Managing contact and communication with injured employees

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