Workshop A: Working with different personalities and conflict styles


Workshop A: Working with different personalities and conflict styles

Friday 6th November, 2020  |  9:00 – 12:00

Dealing with different personalities at work can be difficult, and if not managed properly, it could lead to conflicts and misunderstandings that might sabotage productivity of the team.

This interactive workshop aims to help you recognise and work with different personalities and will provide tips for you to deal with various conflict styles.

After attending this workshop, you will:

  • Be able to understand your own response to conflict
  • Utilising tips to resolve conflict between different personalities in the workplace
  • Understanding and managing people with different working styles
  • Explore effective strategies to respond to people with diverse conflict styles
  • Grow your courage when faced with conflict
  • Exert your concerns and gain commitment to going forward
  • Develop a set of tools and techniques that you can apply at work

About your workshop leader

Cathy Sheppard, Founder and CEO, BSI People Skills

Cathy is passionate about empowering people, leaders and teams – transforming businesses and changing people’s lives. As an experienced facilitator, Cathy helps people and groups learn more about themselves and others, how and why people operate the way they do, what makes teams cohesive, building trust, reducing conflict, improving communication, and empowering managers and leaders to lead their people more effectively. She loves seeing the differences this understanding makes in teams and individuals. People working well together makes life and business better!