Workshop A: Setting boundaries, managing workplace conflicts, and dealing with different personalities

Workshop A: Setting boundaries, managing workplace conflicts, and dealing with different personalities

Friday 9 September  09.00-12.00

When working with other people, there is always an element of challenge. Sometimes the challenge is in avoiding miscommunication, managing conflict when it arises, or learning how to negotiate and present your ideas assertively. The ways we communication are complex and important to all areas of work, which is why it is crucial to develop strong communication skills. This workshop will help you hone your social talents and provide useful tips and techniques for you to take directly into the workplace.

After attending this workshop, you will have vital insight into:

  • Navigating diverse personalities and thinking styles in the workplace
  • Defining problems and clarifying perception of the situation
  • Controlling the scope of conflict with straightforward communication of information
  • Dealing with stereotypes and people saying “you are just an EA”
  • Building mutual trust and respect with your executive and colleagues

About your workshop leader:

Melanie Vezey, Founder and Director, Loud and Clear NZ

Melanie has worked in communication all of her life. Even since the early days, standing in front of the TV mimicking the news anchor. She studied communication, majored in public relations and spent many years in special event management. One thing quickly became clear. Public speaking was not as easy as lip synching the weather girl from the comfort of our living room. If Melanie was going to make an impact, she would have to get a whole lot better – fast.

Over the years of sticking her neck out and saying yes to speaking opportunities, Melanie discovered that not only was public speaking her strength, it was also her passion.  Since then she has entertained audiences, taught workshops for corporates and communities, led team building activities and welcomed couples to their new life as Mr and Mrs.

Melanie believes good communication is essential to a great life.

She believes we all have the ability to communicate effectively – and when we do, we can spread our wings and finally fly.