Infrastructure Investment Australia – draft agenda

4th Annual Infrastructure Investment Australia Summit

 16 August 2018, L’Aqua, Sydney – draft agenda

Panel discussion: Locating opportunities in a competitive marketplace

  • Finding the right investments in a competitive arena
  • Looking for new opportunities in mid-market segments
  • Identifying non-traditional and “soft” infrastructure opportunities

Panel discussion: Asset management and portfolio building

  • Identifying the role of infrastructure within a broader portfolio
  • Diversifying exposure to the infrastructure sector
  • Comparing the benefits of unlisted and listed infrastructure entities
  • Improving returns through active asset management


Creating long term value through investment in environmental sustainability in infrastructure assets

  • Developing a collaborative approach to responsible asset management
  • Working with partners to achieve environmental sustainability of assets
  • Adding value to existing assets by reducing their carbon footprint
  • Increasing transparency of emissions reporting as part of commitment to ESG outcomes


Investing in renewables

  • Weighing the risks and rewards in renewables investments
  • Gaining exposure to the market
  • Comparing the Australian and global renewables markets
  • The future of renewable energy and energy storage infrastructure in Australia


Panel discussion: Principal agency and the manager-investor relationship

  • The principal agency model
  • What are the pressures on fees?
  • What characteristics make a good manager?
  • Performance drivers and co-investment as means of maintaining alignment with managers


Infrastructure in the US: Opportunities and challenges

  • Where are the opportunities for investment?
  • Working in the American market: Infrastructure at the federal and municipality levels
  • Risk and regulation under the Trump administration and the implications for direct investment


Investing in emerging markets

  • Identifying high yield opportunities for infrastructure investment
  • Managing associated risks of investing in emerging economies and adjusting returns accordingly
  • Comparing performance of infrastructure assets to those in the OECD and Australian markets


Panel discussion: Overcoming asset valuations

  • What are the defining characteristics of infrastructure?
  • How are prices affecting yields?
  • What are the impacts of changing interest rates?
  • Analysing valuations and prices of infrastructure assets


Assessing the impact of political factors on investment performance

  • Managing the effects of mid-stream shifts and changes in administration
  • What are the impacts of government regulatory policy and support for privatisation on asset acquisition and performance?
  • Outlook for changes in global capital allocation


A disruptive future? Working with new technologies

  • Future impact of vehicle automation on transport infrastructure
  • Investing in the grid of the future: Smart grid technology and virtual power plants
  • Risk in the future and the need for incorporating enhanced cybersecurity into infrastructure projects
  • Long-term asset management and adapting to new technologies